The Moment That Matters

The Moment That Matters

This is the title of a book reviewed in the Summer Edition of the Naturally Good Health Magazine and it completely caught my eye. I feel calm even now as I say these words out loud. The review while short read well. So I decided to google Eric Dowsett - Author (as you do) and was delighted to see that he has a number of You Tube videos that are easily accessible and highly informative. His turn of phrase and style of sharing information is clear and direct, effortless in its delivery and if you take the time to read between the lines you will also realise that he has a great sense of humour - a bonus!

Without even thinking about it, I decided to reach out to Eric and mailed him to see if I could do a one-to-one energy clearing session and at time of writing this blog, I've completed three sessions via Zoom.

As I know Eric is reading this, I’m feeling a little intimidated when describing the experience of energy clearing, given his 30+ years working in this almost sublime environment of Buddhist wisdom. But one sentence just keeps rolling around in my head that captures the essence of what I have signed up to. “Don’t put labels on it Michelle, It’s all just energy”. This sentence has pretty much been the foundation for all of the sessions so far and it is also the ultimate default response to every question I raise.

You see everything is just energy. The good, the bad, happy or sad. Every label, or as we call them “feelings” are all just pre-coded views and perceptions. We are the result of a life we have lived, the people we have loved, learned from, listened to and taken into our hearts. We are the result of all we have seen, all we choose to believe and ultimately are conditioned to think. Our sub conscious mind, the shadow or even “backpack” as Eric calls it, has been working away in the background our entire lives. Like a computer running algorithms, it takes care of us. It looks out for us, using the context of the past to apply what it determines to be the correct logical response to any number of situations based on what has happened before, and also the journey of our lives to this present moment. Ultimately labeling all situations as good or bad, and voicing its opinion on how we should feel or react. 

Most of the time we are not even aware that this is happening, but what happens when you become aware. What happens when someone like Eric explains that with time and patience, you can re-boot and move to a place where you can accept things for what they are - just energy. Even the thought of being able to achieve this for only a fraction of time, feels like a deeply exhaled breath, a beautiful sunrise or a moment at the beach when you close your eyes and just listen to the ebb and flow of the water. Usually we look on these moments as precious and rare, but maybe they don’t have to be.

Yes this is a change in mindset, a huge change and a lot of hard work. Some of you may even be wondering why bother? And fair enough, it's a good question. For me personally though, it is so worth it. As it’s not just about the stillness and the acceptance of energy for what it is, it’s the idea that I can embrace a sense of being that benefits the overall health of my body.  

You see, our sub conscious while thinking it’s taking care of us, by jumping into protective mode or lashing out, worrying or over-analysing, is ultimately at odds with the rest of our being, and this creates a lot of stress. Stress at a cellular level, which is a challenge. I’ve experienced this first hand myself, primarily through grief when my personal “backpack” worked hard to protect me, but ironically had the opposite impact on my body. So, for me, I’ve decided that it’s time for a change and its time to welcome some energy clearing. 

Energy Clearing is a state of being. A state of peace that exists without blame or judgement, ultimately allowing the system to relax.

Change as we all know is not easy to achieve. But with time and patience, it is possible to shift gears, change the dynamic, admire more sunrises, draw breath and embrace that energy. As the saying goes, everyday is a school day and personally I feel like I’m 4 again. Embracing school for the first time and let's just see where this goes!

The Author - Eric Dowsett

Eric was introduced to Energy Clearing in 1990 and since then has travelled and taught across the world. He continues to share his expanding awareness with people from all walks of life, through on-line classes, in person events, workshops and retreats. You can contact Eric by following this link

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