Gut Health

Gut Health

With children now back to school, the return of an autumn routine, and the change in seasonal foods. It's not unusual to experience some gut challenges.

A great supplement option to help look after your gut is digestive enzymes. Terranova Digestive Enzymes is a hugely popular product at Wild Poppy. With no binders, fillers, bulking agents or animal by-products, this great little capsule supports digestion and a healthy bowel function! Digestive enzymes can also help to support healthy bile production in the liver which aids in the digestion of fats and supports the elimination of toxins.

Did you know that when you look after the health of your gut, you are supporting your digestion, a healthy immune system and that all important mind-gut relationship!

Want to give your gut some extra support with a great tasting food? Kefir is a go to favourite of mine, and it's a great option for any lifestyle! Made with live cultures, it provides high levels of probiotic strains and is also great to add to smoothies or simply taken as a drink.



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