Going Green At Wild Poppy

The Earth Is What We All Have In Common - Wendell Berry

At Wild Poppy, we are very mindful of doing our part to positively support the world around us and since opening our store we have introduced a range of sustainable practices as part of our business model. Practices which include:

  • Proactively seeking out and supporting ethical and earth kind brands.
  • Focusing on brands who supply glass bottles, fully recyclable packaging and ocean recovered plastic.
  • We are passionate about animal welfare and carry a wide range of cruelty free body care products.
  • We offer 50c back on all supplement glass bottles returned to us, which are purchased in our store.
  • We have created a besoke refill section for Faith In Nature shampoo, conditioner and body washes. 
  • We use no plastic bags at time of purchase, only paper bags when required. 
  • We offer email and text receipts and manage our business electronically to avoid paper wastage.
  • Our merchandising window displays are recycled and re-used marketing materials.
  • Our hampers are created using recycled / upcycled boxes and/or paper packaging.

While these actions have been well received by suppliers and customers alike, we are mindful that change is required on an ongoing basis to have an overall impact on our environment, our community and the world around us.

With this in mind, in an effort to ensure that we maintain an optimum green standards in every aspect of our business. We proactively choose to seek out expert advice in this area turned to the wonderful team at LEO Kildare. Where we applied for and successfully completed the LEO (Local Enterprise Boards) Green For Micro Programme.

With their support, we received two days of mentoring with a specialist Green Consultant, Suzanne Browne (Director SIB Consultancy). Suzanne carried out a full "green critique" of Wild Poppy and reviewed all of the existing measures we  put in place and also helped us to craft our environmental policy. Suzanne also completed a Vision Green Carbon Footprint Assessment and Sustainable Actions Assessment on all aspects of our business.

Throughout this journey, we learned a lot from Suzanne's knowledge and understanding of what is a very complex and dynamic area. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Suzanne and the Vision Green team and we are very grateful to LEO Kildare for supporting our application.

At Wild Poppy we are proud to say we are nearly there - 40 trees to carbon neutral!

We are very proud of the results we achieved throughout this programme and we look forward to planting some beautiful trees in coming few months to offset the very minimal carbon footprint we are generating, as a result of the power we require to run this very quaint cottage building.

Follow our blog for more updates on the planting!