Shell Gavin

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Meet Shell - Chief Chatterbox & Wizard of Lightbulb Moments

Having enjoyed a diverse career in sales, marketing and sponsorship. When I turned 40, I decided to make the brave transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship and established Wild Poppy Concepts - a boutique communications company, focused on authentic and creative marketing. I enjoyed a busy few years working for myself and raising my family and these years were filled with lots of great memories. However, this was also a time filled with great sadness, when I lost both my parents five years apart - very quickly to cancer. This loss took it's toll on my health and I experienced a number of challenges, including an early menopause, brought on by stress and grief. At this time, I learned first hand the importance of being mindfully aware of physical and biological changes and how important it is to listen to what your body is saying to you.

In order to trust your body as a guide, the fist step is to begin to understand it - Deepak Chopra

In 2019, with the help and support of my sons and my husband Joe, . I made the decision to completely change career path and I opened an independent Health Store. Offering customers clean, sustainably conscious, natural and cruelty free products. Products that support the body's wellbeing and promote good health. Still inspired by the joyful Wild Poppy that blossoms with authentic style and simplicity. I named the store Wild Poppy Wellbeing Emporium. Since opening the doors, I haven't looked back!

At Wild Poppy, we believe in nourishing supplements, brands with integrity, ethically sourced ingredients and cruelty free beauty. We also believe that small steps can lead to big results and big changes. With the support of the highly accomplished, kind and energetic Virginia Ziulu Nutritional Therapist and Organic Horticulturalist. We work with customers all the time to help them take those small steps. We have also now extended our customer offering to include personalised wellbeing packs, specialised vegan, vegetarian and coeliac gift and birthday packs, specialist courses and bespoke wellness events.

At our unique little store, you will also find a wide range of ethically sourced essential oils, incense and gemstones. Gothic and mystical art, smudge sticks, fortune telling cups, dream catchers, spell candles and much more - because after all, everything is better with a little magic!