Weleda Men

It’s not just women and children that are increasingly finding they have skin sensitivities and allergies – male interest in natural alternatives is also growing – so gentle, all natural shaving products are great for delicate skin or anyone prone to allergies or dermatitis. The Weleda range is made from 100% natural ingredients including organic plant extracts, and is free from potentially irritating synthetic additives including artificial fragrances, preservatives or parabens, and petroleum derivatives.

Men’s skin is somewhat thicker than women’s, which also gives it more resistance to the elements. Men’s skin contains more collagen, which means that it does not age as quickly as women’s, but when it starts to show signs of ageing, it happens more quickly. Men’s skin is generally somewhat more oily than women’s and more prone to problems with spots, blackheads, shininess and large pores. Most men shave more or less every day, which gives extra wear on the skin and can make the skin irritated or result in rashes.

Our effective, quick-to-use and all natural dedicated men's range, leaves skin fresh and smooth the entire day. From our Active Shower Gel and 24hr Roll-on Deodorants to a full skin care range, Weleda can help you stay fresh from top to toe.

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Weleda Men Roll-On Deodorant (Citrus) 50ml
  • €9.50
Weleda Spray Deodorant (Wild Rose) 100ml
  • €16.50
Weleda Men Roll-On Deodorant (Sea Buckthorn) 50ml
  • €9.50
Weleda Men Roll-On Deodorant (Original) 50ml
  • €9.50

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Weleda Smoothing Facial Lotion (Wild Rose) 30ml
  • €26.95
Weleda Pampering Body Lotion (Wild Rose) 200ml
  • €27.50
Weleda Smoothing Day Cream (Wild Rose) 30ml
  • €26.95