Alba Botanica

The Alba Botanica® brand was born in 1979 and follows a simple mission – to Do Beautiful.

To honor that vision, we created a vibrant line of body-loving products that nourish the skin, hair, and of course, the soul. Our product family constantly evolves alongside health, beauty, and ingredient knowledge and trends, with many exciting new products introduced each year. Whether we’re creating a fan favorite formula or working on the next big thing, we’re dedicated to making high quality, 100% vegetarian products that overflow with botanical ingredients. From the choices we make in the field to the final products we put on shelves, we aim to help fellow women look beautiful on the outside while feeling beautiful on the inside.

Do beautiful means keeping our Earth healthy and happy, too. We appreciate the importance of being good stewards of natural resources, so we do beautiful by reducing our environmental footprint whenever we can. We believe in keeping our friends close, including the furry kind. That’s why we never test our products, or any of the ingredients used in them, on animals. We’re on a do beautiful mission to create vibrant products that treat the Earth and all its inhabitants as well as they do our bodies.

5 products found in Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica Acne Dote Invisible Gel
  • €12.95

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Alba Botanica Acne Dote Deep Pore Wash
  • €11.95
Alba Botanica Acne Dote Face & Body Scrub Max Strength
  • €10.75

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Alba Botanica Acne Dote Oil Control Lotion
  • €12.00

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Alba Botanica Acne Dote Deep Clean Astringent
  • €11.95