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Maistic Plastic Free Floor Cloths. A quality cloth with fiber scrub effect for all purposes. Two cloths per pack. 100% viscose cloth, biobased on tree fibres. 38X32cm.

We have been trying out the MAISTIC® Cloths at home and think they are super - wash up well, very absorbent and the perfect 'go to' cloth for inside and outside use. The floor cloth is a thicker version of the all-purpose cloths making it super robust for cleaning floors etc.

The MAISTIC® Floor Cloth Credentials:

  • 100% natural wood based viscose
  • Produced without polyester or other kinds of plastic. The 20-50% polyester fibres that are usually in viscose cloths are simply replaced with more woodbased viscose.
  • Cloth colour is white with green print (AZO-free).
  • Non scratch scrub effect from fibres
  • Each cloth is a generous 38 x 32 cm, weight 240g/m²
  • Wash at 60°C/140°F
  • Dry naturally (tumble drying will shorten life)
  • Biodegradeable and compostable at end of life (but please bear in mind before putting into compost what chemicals, detergents, oil or paint etc. you used on the cloth during its long and industrious life - be mindful not to contaminate soil).
  • Packaging - recyclable cardboard sleeve

Pack contains 2 cloths

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Maistic Plastic Free Floor Cloths (2)