Magnesium Drops Sports (formerly Oriel Cardio Revive) 30ml

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  • Fast Acting – Feel the Benefits in Days not weeks.
  • Absorption to blood cells and platelets in less than 30 mins.
  • 100% Bioavailable  means you know it will get to where you need it – Fast.
  • Liquid Drops for rapid absorption and bioavailability – No After Taste.
  • 5 yrs Proven Published Scientific Research in Irish & EU Universities.
  • Deep Sea liquid means better Absorption and better Health
  • Global Patents protect Irish Technology & Harvesting process.
  • Oriel is Organic, Sustainable & Protected Resource – Certified.
  • Tested by Informed Sport – Free of All WADA substances
  • PDO – Only Magnesium Sea Minerals granted Protected status by EU.
  • 100% Irish – 100% Natural & Pure

Your first step in your Protective Health Management programme. One of the most important elements of our IMMUNE system is the role which Magnesium and Minerals play in supporting it. They also play a key role in the absorption of other nutrients necessary for a strong IMMUNE System.

MOST BIOAVAILABLE – MOST BIOACTIVE liquid Magnesium and minerals available. Only Liquid Magnesium Supplement with the most pure form of deep ocean Magnesium and minerals. Magnesium not attached to oxide, citrate, sulphate etc. Free Ion for rapid 100% Absorption.

As our bodies cannot make magnesium, this mineral needs to be replenished through good dietary choices and when needed Bioavailable Supplementation.

We have witnessed in 24 hrs, improvements directly linked to magnesium that could take six weeks under normal supplementation” Dr. Ronan P. Murphy PhD, FCATH 


30 Day supply (30 x 1ml) 10 drops in water twice daily

Take 10 drops twice a day.

Tip: One full Pipette is equal to 20 drops. So take a half pipette twice a day.

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    Magnesium Drops Sports (formerly Oriel Cardio Revive) 30ml