Ecover Stain Remover 200ml

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Grime-fighting enzymes roll up their sleeves and wrestle tough protein-based stains from your clothes. Brush away tough stains with our specially designed built-in applicator which helps target even the most stubborn marks. Grease and oil, blood and make-up don’t stand a chance against this pocket powerhouse

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Vegan friendly.

CLEAN FACTORY: Made in our Zero Waste certified factory, find out more at

BOTTLE: PLASTIC widely recycled

CAP: PLASTIC check local recycling

Contents: 200ml
Ingredients list:
5-15%: Non-ionic surfactants
<5%: Anionic surfactants Perfume (Linalool) Preservative (Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone) Enzymes Other: Water Alcohol denat. Sodium chloride Citric acid
How to Use:-
Moisten fabric with water. Apply liquid to stain sparingly. Work in liquid with built-in-brush. Hand wash or place in normal washing load. Not recommended for wool, silk and other delicate fabrics. Perfect for grease and protein stains like kitchen oils, lipstick, make-up, blood, chocolate, egg, curry.

Cruelty free. Leaping bunny approved
With plant based ingredients
Suitable for sensitive skin
Suitable for septic tanks
Vegan friendly

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Ecover Stain Remover 200ml