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Beetroot Juice 500ml - Irish Homegrown - Feighery's Farm

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Feighery’s Farm 70% Beetroot Juice & 30% Apple Juice 500ml

Irish Beetroot Juice grown on the Feighery family farm in Co. Offaly using 70% handpicked beets blended with Tipperary Apples and no added sugar

Feighery’s Farm is situated in the heart of Ireland in Co. Offaly. Since 1957 Billy Feighery has been farming tillage and in the latter 25 years vegetables alongside his two sons Alan and William who have helped him grow and expand the family business.

Feighery’s Farm pride themselves on growing the healthiest and freshest crops to offer their loyal longstanding customers.

In February 2019, Billy’s daughter Anne Marie started producing an Irish Beetroot Juice using the beetroot grown and nurtured pesticide-free in the fertile soils of the home farm.

    Beetroot Juice 500ml - Irish Homegrown - Feighery&