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Absolute Aromas "Relaxation" Essential Oil (Lavender Chamomile) 10ml

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A soothing Aromatherapy blend to help relax, unwind and calm the mind

Relaxation is recommended for anyone feeling tense or anxious, or finding it difficult to let go.

This blend relaxes the mind and elevates moods; it is great if you feel panicky, or have difficulty in sleeping or resting due to overactive thoughts.

100% Undiluted

Do Not Take Internally

To Relax at the End of a Stressful Day:

Dilute up to 8 drops in a carrier oil or bath oil and pour under warm, running bath water.

Alternatively, blend a total of 3 to 5 drops in 10ml of carrier oil then massage into the feet & lower legs to promote warmth and soothe everyday stresses & strains.

If you have more time, massage 1 tablespoon of the mix into your hair & scalp to ease tension and nourish. Aim to leave in for at least half an hour, then wash out thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

For a Stress-Relieving Aroma Throughout the Day:

Place 6 drops with water (depending on the diffuser) into an Oil Burner or Aroma-Diffuser to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

For a simpler solution, place a few drops onto a tissue and inhale.

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Absolute Aromas "Relaxation" Essential Oil (Lavender Chamomile) 10ml