Oriel Sea Salt

Oriel Sea Salt (Kiln Dried) 100g

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Kiln Dried Mineral Sea Salt 250 gram: Free Flowing and fine grain. Replace your table salt with a Mineral Sea Salt. This mineral rich sea salt has a powerfully smooth taste and allows you to use up to 25% less with no compromise on flavour. Just ask some of our countries top chefs:

Ross Lewis, Chapter One**** "It's not until you taste this salt that you realise how clean and pure its flavour could and should be. And it's Irish we should all be using it!!!"

  • Buy any three Tubs of Sea Salt and get a 25% Discount. 
  • It's Healthier to have more minerals and use less salt.
  • Powerful flavour with Mineral after tones.
  • Totally Irish – Natural, Pure and Local.
  • Fine Grain texture – Smooth deep flavour.
  • Perfect Ingredient Sea Salt.
  • Smooth taste profile is embraced by food for complete flavour.
  • 80% Faster. Dissolves and Disperses rapidly in recipes.
  • No Additives – Sea Salt as Nature intended.
  • Non Oxidised - Harvested through a sealed system.
  • The Forgiving Sea Salt - A little too much means Richer not Saltier

Noel Mc Meel, Lough Erne Resort**** "Everyone should be using this, a super ingredient and it’s Irish”

Ed Cooney, The Pearl at The Merrion Hotel**** “Finally, a Sea Salt that does not overpower the dish but elevates the overall taste, super and Irish"

O’Donnells Hand Cooked Crisps, Ed O’Donnell says: We tried a range of Sea Salts, but the taste profile of Oriel Sea Salt was supreme, these crisps have a wonderfully addictive taste"

Darren Harris, DIT National Bakery College “We found it to be very good, I was able to reduce salt down by 25% on average without difficulties in processing. I found it to be of good flavor and it had a clean taste. That said we really liked the breads that had a high level of your sea salt also!”

Domini Kemp, Itsa Food Company "This is a lovely Irish Sea Salt, it has better flavour and it's actually more saltier so you can use less”

    Oriel Sea Salt (Kiln Dried) 100g