Maistic Compostable Dog Bags (25)

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Mastic aren't just stronger bags. They also contain upcycled plant leftovers as they are based on the new bioplastic PHA.

Of course you do not throw them in the wild on purpose

Let us first establish completely.
Waste belongs in the bin. And compostable is never an excuse to throw waste in nature. That said.

Dog bags are a type of plastic packaging that is only used when we travel in nature. All of us dog owners have tried to reach into our pockets - and then the dog bag was gone. Lost.
Therefore, dog bags should not be made of traditional plastic, which will never break down.

Maistic dog bags are now also made of Maistic's new 2.GEN material, which you can read more about here.

At MAISTIC, we are proud to present Denmark's first OK Compost Home-certified dog bag. It is an eco-label that ensures compostability with bio-waste at a temperature of 20-25 degrees.

NOW - Two sizes of dog bags

At the request of countless customers, Maistic's new series of compostable dog bags are now in 2 SIZES: Smaller bags for smaller dogs - larger bags for larger dogs. They are thus adapted to the dog's - and thus its leftovers - size:

And another consumer wish has been fulfilled in the new series.
Namely the fact that Maistic SM dog bags are rolled in small rolls that fit the standard bag dispensers sold in pet stores etc.
ML dog bags are still in wide rolls.

  • The raw material for the Maistic 2.GEN dog bags consists of a new patented compostable bioplastic type, part of which is the new bioplastic PHA, which is created on plant residues. Part of the bag is still based on maize and maize plant, which are GMO-free, grown pesticide-free and of a variety that is not used for human consumption. But the slightly dusty feeling from Maistic 1st gen bags is gone.
  • Like all MAISTIC bags, the dog bags comply with the requirements of the OK Compost HOME certification and the strict EU standard for compost, EN13432. The bags also do not contain BPA, phthalates, fluorides and other controversial substances that are harmful to health and the environment.
  • All Maistic bags are approved for food contact. If you find tempting mushrooms or berries on the trip in the woods, you can safely put them in the dog bag without risking the migration of harmful substances from the bag to your food.

Maistic dog bags are dark green for proper waste management. The MAISTIC bags are not black, as the Danish Society for Nature Conservation advises against packaging of black plastic / bioplastic. The reason is that not all incinerators can optically sort black correctly.

    Maistic Compostable Dog Bags (25)